"The Road", by Cormac McCarthy

I finished this book last night. I've heard a lot of good things about the book, so that made me a bit leery - if my expectations are too high I'm usually let down. Not with this book. As depressing as the book's premise is (a man and his son try to head south through a world ravaged by nuclear war), the book has a sense of...well, it wasn't hope to me, so much as it was "not giving up." I think the father and son knew that there wasn't much to live for (McCarthy writes some truly horrific scenes in the book - if you just had a baby there a probably a couple of sections you may want to skip over), but the father refused to give up. There are some extremely moving dialogs between the father and the son.

I don't want to ruin the book for anyone, so I won't delve into too many details. I strongly recommend reading it. It goes by pretty quick, and I found myself wanting to read it whenever I had some spare time. Yes, it's depressing and some sections are very disturbing. But there's a positive light to this book as well that can be found through all of its horror. McCarthy is a brilliant author - it was very easy to picture the scenes he was describing, and I loved the way he wrote. Sparse, yet rich at the same time. I hope to read more of his works in the future.

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