I Used an Anonymous Method Today!

OK, there are bigger things that have happened in my life. But since .NET 2.0 came on the scene, the one new feature that I didn't see using a lot of was anonymous methods. Generics - that was an easy one to exploit. But anonymous methods? I've seen 'em before in Java, and I was never impressed by them, and, more to the point, I really didn't get where they could be used.

Well, today I had to generate a Javascript on the fly via values in a List. The end result had to look something like this:

new Array('value1', 'value2', 'value3')

Well, I thought of a bunch of ways to do this, but after starting at the problem for a bit, I came up with this (brace yourself!):

StringBuilder jsArray = new StringBuilder();
jsArray.Append("new Array(");

jsArray.Append(string.Join(",", elements.ConvertAll(
    new Converter<string, string>(delegate (string ID) 
        return string.Format("'{0}'", ID); 


Cute, huh [1]? Well, it works!

[1] I showed it to a co-worker, and he mumbled something about "job security" and "consultant coding styles". I have no idea what he's talking about.

* Posted at 11.10.2005 09:15:27 PM CST | Link *

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