C# 2.0 is Sooooo This Year

If you're a .NET developer, no doubt you've heard about the new features that are coming to VB (in 9.0) and C# (3.0). Personally, I have mixed feelings. The features themselves are very wicked-cool. It's obvious that languages like Python, Ruby, Smalltalk, F#/OCaml (among others) and those that program with them have influenced where .NET is going. Type inference, extension functions, lambda...you get the picture. Yet...2.0 isn't even out yet! Going from 1.x to 2.0 is going to be a big jump, especially with generics. 3.0 is really going to make people's head spin.

Eventually I'll read the C# 3.0 spec (hell, I still need to find time to read the 2.0 spec). Eventually I'll try the stuff out so I can get my head around it. But I find no pressing need to spend all hours of the night playing with anonymous types. Honestly, I'm excited with the direction .NET is going (and Vista seems cool too). But all I need to do is look behind me and see a developer at the client try to update a VB 6 application that uses Word automation to realize that all the profusely-bleeding-edge technology isn't going to help that poor soul any time soon.

And I'm sure there hundreds of "gurus" lining up to make sure they've got the first books/articles/presentations on 3.0 and its' related features out before anyone else. Hell, why wait for C# 3.0 when you can have C# 4.0?! Seriously, read this:

You read about C# 3.0 and are willing to see how could C# 4.0 look like? More powerful type inference? AST manipulation raised to its limits? Full generics support? Try Nemerle!

C'mon. Really.

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