Flagged Links #18

"Why Ruby Is Not My Favorite Language" - It's not a dismissal of Ruby, just a complaint about its extensibility (but the comments have some good couterarguments).

"The Worst Science Fiction Movie of the Last Twelve Months" - Yeah, AVP:R pretty much sucked.

"Anonymous Methods - a note of caution" - He's right, but just make a reference to the delegate first, and then pass that reference to the "+=" and "-=" and you're good.

"5 Government Programs That Backfired Horrifically" - A good government is one that doesn't do much.

"F# to ship as part of Visual Studio 2010" - It's official.

"Introducing 'Mimics'" - Funny, I recently had a brainstorm with dynamic and my DynamicProxies library that's similar to this (this post was the original inspiration to my idea).

"The Incredible Convenience of Mathematica Image Processing" - Mathematica is an amazing (and expensive) tool. This post shows just how powerful it can be.

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