A Part of My Ancestery is Gone

Liz and I were watching some show about people finding out about their geneology. On a whim, I decided to look up the name of my biological father. To give you some backstory: I'm adopted. I met my biological mother over 10 years ago and that was a good reunion. I met my father ... and that didn't really go so well. The guy didn't deny it, but he wanted me to take a DNA test to prove it. Frankly, I never tried to find my biological parents out of some emotional need - my parents were great and I think they did an amazing job. I just wanted to know some background information, but at the time I didn't see a need to spend a lot of money just to prove this guy was technically my dad.

Anyway, I looked up his name...and I found out he died two months ago.

It's a very weird feeling right now.

What makes this feel weird is that I know he had two daughters from his first marriage. So I guess I have two half-sisters that I never met.

I say "guess" because technically I have no proof. I believe my biological mother when she gave me his name. And I have the feeling he was my father. But I don't have that "biological" proof.

So, I'm just going to throw this post out there with his name: Gilbert A. Domzil. He passed away on 1/30/2010 (here's a site that has obituary information). He lived in Sussex, Wisconsin. Maybe someday his daughters will find this post and we can take it from there.

I'm not out to defame this guy's name. I only met him once for about a half-hour over coffee, so it's hard to get a picture of anyone in that short of time. It would just be nice to know some medical history if possible and to potentially see other people that look like me. That was one thing that was so weird when I saw my other two half-sisters on my mother's side. To actually see someone that kind of looks like you ... it's kind of a nice feeling.

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