Learn C in College?! Joel, You're Nuts

Most of what Joel states in this post I agree with, but the part about learning C is way off base. C is simply not the "lingua franca of working programmers." I haven't had a need to use C in years, nor have most of the developers that I've worked with. Now realize that I didn't say C is useless or that it's a bad idea to learn it; I just simply flat-out disagree with Joel's view if you don't know C "you'll never be trusted to create architectures for large scale projects." That's complete bullshit.

Then, again, I guess these days it's good to blog about things that make other bloggers turn their heads and refer to them (which is what I just did). There are a number of bloggers out there who do this, and I generally ignore them, no matter how much "publicity" they're getting. But I just couldn't let this comment go!

* Posted at 01.04.2005 09:46:10 PM CST | Link *

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