Flagged Links #31

"Computational Intelligence and Games 2008 Conference Summary" - There's a lot of links to PDFs on interesting AI works here.

"Convention over Configuration in MSDN Magazine" - I'm interested in the content, but I'm getting tired of words like "ceremony" and phrases like "convention over configuration". I am interested in composition over inheritance, though...

"Gigapixel Inauguration" - Dive deep in the Obama inaguration.

"Lottery Probabilities and Clueless Reporters" - Ah, statistics and probability...

"Windows Home Server rocks!" - I haven't done anything with home media servers and whatnot...maybe I should.

"DSLs – fun, cool, but maybe a bad idea?" - I think DSLs are just like any tool: they have their purpose, but they can also be misused.

"Building WCF services with F#, Part 2" and "Building WCF services with F#, Interlude" - The series continues, but with a caveat.

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