"Blade: Trinity" and Updating The Blog Enging

Last night Liz and I rented "Blade: Trinity". It was OK - not as good as the first two movies, but it was alright. It just didn't have the same punch that the other two did.

Over the weekend I started working on the persistence layer of my blog engine. It's a change that once it's done you'll never notice from the web site, but it will make things vastly easier to update and maintain. I'm being a good XP citizen and writing tests first, even though this is code that will only be used by one person: me. It's already saved me time uncovering bugs that I didn't catch when I was coding. There's a lot of other things I need to do in my life, but I'm trying to find an hour here and there to make the updates. Hopefully I'll have everything done by mid-July.

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