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Today was a good day. One, I was back on the "all-I-do-is-develop" wagon today at work, and I could feel the love coming back. Two, Halo2 is starting to lose its fun factor online. Too many 12 year old kids who can beat me (of course, duh), but do nothing but call other people "faggots" and "fuckheads" [1]. Even when they're on your own team. Sorry, but that's not fun in my book. Playing with people I know is fun. Playing with idiots who wouldn't stand a chance against me in other "arenas" is not fun. I'll still play online, but it has to be with a full team of people I know. Otherwise, it's back to PRG2 (and Forza when it comes out). The nice side-effect of having a good development day and a bad online experience is that I'm pretty much going to go full-time during my off-hours working on my technical projects. I think I really needed the combination of the two to get off XBox and onto my laptop at night :).

[1] For the insanely interested, the game I'm talking about is this one. The idiots I'm referring to are Smithboy3 and Strumabit. Morons.

* Posted at 11.30.2004 11:21:09 PM CST | Link *

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