Tall, Dark, and Mysterious...

I found out about this site today. Pretty funny - I particularly like this post (being a TA in grad school gave me a different perspective on the teacher/student relationship, like catching students clearly cheating and trying to hear them justify it), this post, and especially this post. I find it rather humorous how many girls these days are wearing shorts with words arcing across their ass. I mean, men are going to look anyway - do we really need to be distracted by words?? [1] I'm thinking of getting shorts that have words written across the front that has the name of my college, or an obnoxious phrase like, "You're staring...again."

[1] On the flip side, I was walking into the gym a week ago when I saw a woman walking out with her daughter, who I guess was around 10 or 11. She was wearing sweatpants that had the phrase, "It's all about me" written all over them. Yeah, that's a great way to raise a diva/princess/spoiled-rotten-brat.

* Posted at 01.26.2005 09:38:38 AM CST | Link *

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