Flagged Links #47

"Go gentle into that good night" - A wonderful article on approaching death.

"Common Logging 2.0 for .NET Released" - A logging abstraction over logging abstractions?

"jLinq" - Another LINQ implementation in JavaScript.

"IL analysis using F#" - Good use of discriminated unions.

"Lunar Orbiter Tapes Found" - A sobering article on the quick obsolescence of media.

"Top Ten Interactive Features on Halo Multiplayer Maps" - The Terminal train was always a source of annoyance.

"Zero Punctuation: Siren Blood Curse" - Zero! Zero! Zero!

"Launch dates" - I love this line: "We’re on the edge of 'holy crap!'territory with this".

"Developing a Real World Application" - There's theory and then there's application.

"ThreadAbortException" - Discussing the weirdness of this exception.

"Events and Races" - The subtleties of events in .NET.

"The Stack Is An Implementation Detail, Part Two" - Nice discussion on the details of the .NET environment.

"18 Embarrassing Game AI Bugs Caught On Tape... and Fixed!" - I recently remember in Halo 3 where one of the soldier AIs drove the warthog into a corner and couldn't figure out how to get out.

"You Know When Your UI Needs Help When…" - Sticky notes don't help.

"Reflection based CIL reader" - A nice way to get an instruction list from a MethodBase in Cecil. Should be possible with CCI as well.

"Stubs as Parameterized Models with Contracts" - Stubs is a "hidden" gem that I found out about after investigating Pex.

"Rx Framework: Asynchronous Programming Made Easy" - Rx for .NET.

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