"R30" Review

A couple of days ago I bought "R30" from Rush. Overall it's a good concert video. The performance is not one of their best that they've ever recorded - it feels a bit flat at times. But it's not a bad show by any means, althought I think the show filmed for "Rush in Rio" is better. I like it that they kept some of the glitches in this show - there's a song where a trigger keeps firing for some reason, yet they keep on playing. There's another song where there's a light that should be green but it's red. It's not a band mistake and it's very subtle, but it sticks out to me because their light show is really good. It's also a great show to watch - the quality is excellent. The interviews and old shows are cool to watch if you're a die-hard Rush fan. There are two easter eggs I've found: a funny interview with Alex and fan reaction to a petition to get Rush to play at St. John's.

Overall I'm happy with the purchase, but then again I'm a committed Rush fan so I'm a bit biased. Hopefully they'll release some new material soon.

* Posted at 11.24.2005 10:41:47 AM CST | Link *

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