I'll Have A Newcastle Myself...Without Bush

Read this. I can picture Bush going "la, la, la, it's not that bad, Gonzales' testimony was actually really good, and if I keep saying it, people will believe it, right?"

Just how much longer do we have to tolerate this doofus?

I love this paragraph:

...it’s time to officially close the books on the ol “Is President Bush really dumb or is he a shrewd operator playing dumb?” debate. Granted, those books have been closed before, but now it’s time to glue ‘em shut, wrap them in chains, padlock the chains, throw ‘em into a sack, and drop the sack into the ocean over the Mariana Trench where it will sink to the lowest, most remote depths on the planet, to be viewed only by strange, bulbous, slimy creatures with faintly glowing appendages (and who will also consider the whole thing “a no-brainer”).


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