Presentation is Done, and Liz is Taking it Easy

I'm done with the i18n presentation. It went better than I expected, but then again I'm not good at reading a crowd's reaction, but at least I got some chuckles.

Liz is also done with work for a while now. She had some contractions Saturday and the doctors feel that she shouldn't be moving around a lot at her job. Unlike me, she doesn't sit on her ass all day, and they don't want her to take any chances. She's technically not on bedrest, but we're trying to limit her physical activities.

We had a Level II ultrasound yesterday and the baby is slightly over 5 pounds, which at 34 weeks, 2 days is bigger than normal. Liz is getting concerned because I was 10 lbs, 10 ozs when I was born, which is pretty big for a baby. Of course, I keep insisting that I told her of said fact well before we were married so she could've called the whole thing off if she was that scared. <Music Mode="Play" Type="Cheesy">I guess it was love</Music>...

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