Finally, a WebService-less Way To Update My Blog

For the past year, I haven't been able to blog a lot at work. My home-grown WinForms tool can't bust through their network to update my blog, but I've been lamenting making secure web method calls on my box (yes, I know it's not that hard - I've just been avoiding it). Today, though, I was working on some Javascript-JSON-server-side stuff for the client, and I came up with a design that I realized will work really nice with some things I already have incorporated into my site [1]. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll have everything in place so I can finally ditch a lame web page I made to update the blog with my WinForms tool (which will then be able to work anywhere). Plus, this update gives me the ability to add the "work-offline" feature without a lot of trouble (but I'll add that later...when I have time).

[1] No, I don't "steal" code from clients - that's not what I'm doing. It's the idea/design that I'm "reusing" ;)

* Posted at 03.27.2006 07:47:42 PM CST | Link *

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