Creating a Read-Only Collection From a HashSet

This may be a very inefficient way to get a read-only collection from a HashSet, but there is no AsReadOnly() method on HashSet (at least I didn't see one), so I added an extension method to create one:

public static class HashSetExtensions
    public static ReadOnlyCollection<T> AsReadOnly<T>(this HashSet<T> @this)
        return new List<T>(@this).AsReadOnly();

It ends up working very nicely:

ReadOnlyCollection<string> data = 
    new HashSet<string> {"A", "B", "A"}.AsReadOnly();

As a side note, I'm using "@this" in extension methods for the first argument - for some reason I'm finding that a simple way to preserve the "this-ness" of that first argument.

* Posted at 02.14.2008 08:23:32 AM CST | Link *

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