1 Day of Birthing Class Down, and No Party For Me Tonight

The first day went OK. I learned a couple of new things and the birth videos...well, nobody said childbirth was pretty, so I just watched it. It really wasn't that bad.

Unfortunately, Liz is still feeling like crap, so I'm going to stay home tonight. Magenic is having their winter holiday party tonight, and I haven't missed the last 4 parties, but I feel that it's better for me to stay home. It just wouldn't have as much fun without Liz there even though I enjoy being around other Magenic folk. Oh, well...I already put together a laundry list of things to do today [1] so I'll stay busy (and I'm sure XBox gaming will work its way on there later...).

[1] Ironically, doing laundry ended up on my laundry list. Go figure.

* Posted at 01.22.2005 03:37:13 PM CST | Link *

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