Flagged Links #23

"Data Structures and Algorithms: Annotated Reference with Examples" - Nice, free online reference.

"Neural Nets and Visualization" - The article refers to a Ms. Pac Man contest where programs would try to their best to play the game.

"US Refuses to Sign UN Resolution on Gay Rights" - Can Bush just step down now before he and his administration does more stupid things?

"Bailed Out Bank Execs Make Big Money" - I never liked the idea of the government bailing out people and institutions. Seems like we're already seeing shady practices around the management and distribution of said funds.

"Rumors of Upcoming Microsoft Cut-Backs" - This wouldn't surprise me. Most every company I know of is trimming back to some degree.

"Getting good dumps when an exception is thrown" - Why do people still catch the general exception type? There's so many better ways to do this! The article has good content, but writing a handler like that is a bad idea.

"Maestro: A Managed Domain Specific Language For Concurrent Programming" - Looks like an interesting language...I couldn't find a site for the project, though.

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