Choking on a Pill

This morning I got up and did my daily morning routine: eat breakfast, shave, etc., etc. One of my ritualistic habits is to take a vitamin. Normally, I have no problem with this, but for some reason my throat decided to have fun with me and when I tried to swallow it, it got stuck in my throat. I wasn't choking as I could still breathe, but sucking in air suddenly became a lot harder. I didn't panic as I realized, "well, I can still breathe, so I'm not choking, and it's not that big of a pill, so I should be able to get this sucker down or cough it up." After a drink of water I finally coughed it back up into the sink.

When I got out of the bathroom, Liz asked me, "Are you throwing up?" Well...not really, unless you count that pill that came shooting out of my mouth about 20 seconds ago.

Now I have this tickle in my throat which is causing me to cough every so often. I guess life can be a lot crappier - if this is the worst of my problems I feel fortunate :).

* Posted at 08.22.2005 12:31:16 PM CST | Link *

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