Hayden - Getting Better...Still Cautious, Though

Today Hayden didn't puke, although he still has bad diapers. We found out that he doesn't have a urinary tract infection, which is good so we don't have to give him the anti-biotic. We're still doing the BRAT diet for now - hopefully it'll help him keep things down. He had a screaming fit early this afternoon so he may have had some stomach cramps then but overall he's doing better.

We also found out today from a neighbor that Maalox supposedly helps clear up bad diaper rash. Go figure... We're trying it tonight because Hayden wouldn't let us put a diaper on him (he was in so much pain) and it seemed like it helped - if it really works I'll let y'all know. Just one more home remedy to keep in mind if you're new to kids.

Finally, thanks to Teresa for the kind words.

* Posted at 03.27.2006 07:40:23 PM CST | Link *

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