When Computers Attack

I've been on a cleaning rampage lately. I got rid of every magazine I was collecting, and let me tell you, that was one hell of a collection! VBPJs, MSDNs, Skeptics, Scientific Americans...you name it. I re-organized my book collection. I dumped a ton of article printouts from my filing cabinet - I mean, when was I ever going to look up COM information again in my life? (I should be careful what I wish for...)

Anyway, with these projects out of the way, I was ready to dive head-first into some new programming projects: getting my web site updated, do some game programming, try some new .NET languages, all sorts of things. So my first task was to (finally!) get rid of VS .NET 2002 on my development machine at home and get 2003 on it.

Unfortunately, my computer wasn't letting that happen. Grind, grind, grind, grind, grind, pause...grind, grind, grind, grind, grind, pause...you get the picture. The drive was toast.


Oh, well. I hadn't backed it up in a while, but I didn't have a ton of stuff on it that was needed anyway. So I picked up a 80 gig drive (didn't want to spend too much on this computer as I'll probably replace it in 6 months or so) and slapped it in. Oh, the computer won't let me put W2K (yes, my computers at home are soooo ancient) from the CD; gotta make boot disks. Yeuch, but at least that works. I eventually get around to installing VS .NET 2003...oh, I need SP 4? Crap, this computer isn't networked at all (which reminds me, I really need to get a wireless setup real-soon-now), but I can download it off of my other computer, and copy it onto my Nomad.

Oh, crap, that won't work! My e-mail computer is beyond ancient and doesn't even have USB on it! Sigh...break out the Iomega zip drive, and use that to get the SP over to the development machine.

Eventually I got VS .NET on it. There's some more things that need to go on it as well, but that's it for tonight. I think I need to stop being so stingy around the house with computer equipment. My connected machine is over 6 years old, and my development machine is getting close to 3 years old (although it still runs pretty good). Time to get a smokin' machine, and dump the ol' Pentium Pro 200 MHz, or at least relegate it to something that doesn't require much CPU time.

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