The Joys of Refactoring

A lot of my time today was spent getting code that represents about 60% to 70% of my presentation for Code Camp II to work correctly. Lots of namespace changes, lots of little bugs that I didn't find when I originally wrote this nearly a year ago, etc. Once again, unit tests saved my ass as I could change things willy-nilly and know when I broke something majorly.

Hopefully tomorrow I can clean up the rest of the code, and get working on the Xamlon stuff. I also need to get the presentation all in order, especially since I told my wife I wanted to paint our main living room area next weekend. Since she's pregnant, she can't be around to help as she isn't supposed to breathe in the fumes, so I'm on my own. But I'm sick of seeing white walls - I need color!!

* Posted at 10.03.2004 01:17:45 AM CST | Link *

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