Never Mind, It Was My Own Dumbass Mistake

The caching problem had nothing to do with FTP. It was a completely different problem. It all came down to this line of code:

XPathDocument quoteDoc = 
    /* Get the document from the cache. */;
XPathNavigator quoteNav = 

int quoteCount = 
Random rnd = new Random();
int randomQuoteIndex = 
    rnd.Next(1, quoteCount + 1);

It's that last line of code that was the issue. It used to just have quoteCount as the 2nd parameter. The problem is that Next() included minValue as part of the range, but not maxValue. The SDK is clear on this; I just assumed both parameters were included in the range. Therefore, the new quote that I added this morning was never showing up in the quotes section.

As a side note, just why was Next() designed this way? While the document is correct, I feel that code should be as self-documenting as possible. It just seems odd that one value is part of the range, but the other one isn't. I'm curious why this method was coded this way.

* Posted at 09.20.2004 08:28:58 PM CST | Link *

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