If you read my blog a lot (you crazy nut you!), then you know I'm not a big fan of politics. In fact, I despise politics. That being said, I'm actually midly interested in Obama. I was at a Magenic-sponsored dinner event last night, and when I was driving home I caught his speech on NPR. I was impressed. Granted, he's a politician, which means he can't be trusted :). But his commentary on education and science (among other issues) gave me some hope that the damage inflicted upon this nation by the Bush administration may be fixed if he's elected as President.

He's got my vote. Granted, voting has become a process of picking the lesser of two evils. Henry Rollins has described it as "voting in protest" - you're not voting for a candidate; you're voting to prevent a complete turd from getting into a position of power. That's what I was doing when I voted for Kerry. I didn't like him at all, but he was better than the failure that Bush was and still is. This time, I wouldn't feel so bad voting for Obama.

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