Blogging == Waste of Time

If you write a blog that contains original (not necessarily interesting, just original) content, then you can igore this rant cuz it ain't targeted at you.

All I see in blogs lately is people posting links to other blogs and not having anything interesting to say whatsoever. If all you do is blog about someone quitting their job for a startup, no one cares. Blogs are fine, but it's getting monotonous, boring, and frankly, a waste of time to read the pile of crap that my RSS reader picks up. I don't care if you want to talk about the taste of your coffee in the morning, or your driving issues, or your cat, just stop linking to other blog posts just to show how cool and "real-time" you are.

Time to trim the fat and delete even more blogs from my reader.

* Posted at 06.14.2006 12:02:46 PM CST | Link *

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