Behe on Cable TV!

As I was channel surfing after dinner tonight, I stumbled across a cable access channel in the Twin Cities that was playing the talk from Behe that I saw a couple of months ago. It's currently into the Q&A section as I type, but I doubt they'll show Behe getting absolutely grilled by P. Z. Myers after the "official" Q&A section. As I watch Behe talk, I get really angry. He completely dodges the overwhelming evidence for evolution and hand-waves his way though his speech. He claims that there are no scientific arguments against intelligent design, which is absolutely absurd. He dismisses chaos theory with a ludicrist argument using erosion, which proves he does not understand the mathematics behind chaos theory and dynamic systems. He says cells are "machines", like...trucks (yes, you read that right). Unfortunately, they didn't show Myers take Behe to task at the end (no suprise there - the channel (MCN6) seems religious in nature). Oh well...

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