Will Halo2 Bring Down XBoxLive's Servers?

Like pretty much everyone who owns an XBoxLive account, I'm impatiently waiting for Halo2 to be officially released next week (I'll pass on that leaked version crap). My main fear is, just how stable is this game going to be? I'm sure it gone through more testing that I can possibly imagine, but I've had games crash so much (like RallySport 2) that I never played them. Part of the problem I fear is that I have an old XBox, and they're notorious for bad DVD drives. Most of my games have been fine (Burnout 3 is a little flakey online, but that's been seen by pretty much everyone I've played with so we think it's something with EA's servers and not our boxes) so I'm hoping Halo2 works just fine.

It'll also be interesting to see how Halo2 works online. I've heard you can have private rooms, and that's good, because the last thing I need to hear is a bunch of young whippersnappers trash-talking their asses off while I split their skull open over and over again with the oddball ;). Seriously, some good-natured trash-talking is fine, but I can't stand it when I'm in a room with a kid who simply can't shut up and sours the online experience. I'm also curious to see if the servers handle the load. There's going to be a lot of people playing that game, and I would not be suprised if some server glitches occur. Again, I'm sure the servers have been beefed up and Microsoft/Bungie are trying to be ready as much as they can, but I can't imagine what the load is going to be like.

All I know is that once Halo2 shows up on my front door step, I'm going into hibernation for a while! Bring it, beyoches!! [1]

[1] The reality is that I'm better with driving games than I am with shoot-em up games, so I plan to get my ass kicked repeatedly in Halo2. But I don't care. Playing with people I like is what makes it fun :).

* Posted at 11.01.2004 12:20:16 PM CST | Link *

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