Cartoons and Homosexuality

By now everyone has heard about the <sarcasm>obvious link</sarcasm> between Sponge Bob and gays. This link, though, really cracked me up in a good way. Check out this quote:

And we look at such people and we shake our heads and sigh, trying to understand how excruciating it must be to go through life feeling as though you're stuck like a pinned bug to a perverted universe that can't be trusted, one that they desperately hope will be over real soon now, just like the "Left Behind" books promise, so they can forget how miserable and lost and distressed they feel and so they may finally leave their not-so-secret homosexual fantasies behind and drive their big manly SUVs to the Promised Land.

Harsh, but direct, especially the part about being so (secretly) miserable living in the physical universe that they can't wait to live with Jeebus.

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