MVP Summit - Day 1

I got in right before the Open Spaces talks began (and I already lost my bag with my free shirt and water jug...oh, well). My first thought was...where the hell is the coffee? I went to the WCF talk - way too hard to hear everyone, and frankly I didn't find it all that interesting (although when I walked out the coffee was finally available - whew!). Then I went to a "So you want to be a writer?" talk - I enjoyed that discussion. I ended with a talk on mocking facilitated by Daniel - that was OK. It helped me clear up some issues I've had with mocking. I wish the facilitators could've hooked up their laptops in case they wanted to dive into code. I understand that an open spaces talk shouldn't have slides and should be interactive, but having the ability to crack open an IDE and code would've been nice.

After the dinner Cory grabbed his stuff so he could stay with me at the Westin (because that's where all the cool people are). We met up with a bunch of folks and drank until 1 AM. I didn't get drunk...but I haven't drank that much in a while :). D'arcy took pictures - I'm sure there are some nice ones on his camera.

So, overall the first day was all right. I'm looking forward to the Day 2's talks on the campus.

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