Trying to Get My Comment List to Show Up In RssBandit

I think I've tracked this problem down, but I'm not sure if my analysis is correct. I added support for the <wfw:commentRss> tag this weekend, and I thought that would get the tree view list to show up in my favorite RSS reader: Rss Bandit. Unfortunately, it's not working, and I checked my comments feed and it validates, but now I'm wondering if Rss Bandit looks at the <slash:comments> element to determine if the tree view should show up. I could run a little test to see if that's the case...hopefully I can figure out what the problem is so I can get Rss Bandit to show a list of current comments for a feed item. It feels a little odd that it would use a comments count rather than the results coming back from the commentRss data, because I only show my latest four feeds and after that it looks like Rss Bandit just tracks the item's link. Maybe I'm wrong on all of this, but I have a bunch of subscribed feeds that work so I have to keep digging to find out how to get this to work the way I want it to.

* Posted at 01.24.2005 11:07:15 AM CST | Link *

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