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I just fininshed adding a new feature to my site. It's currently on the Mixed Bag page, and the presentation piece is kind of rough, but the underlying parts are all working. Basically, I added a plug-in to RSS Bandit so when I right-click on a blog item that I found interesting, I can rate it. This information eventually gets up to the main database, and through a series of calculations that would make string theory look like 2nd-grade math, I come up with a list of favorite blogs.

My intention is to add this list to the main page - I may also include it at the end of each item in my RSS feed. Again, it's on the bag page because it's just a proof-of-concept, but it'll creep its way into other places very soon. There's no real benefit to this other than I can now get a better feeling for which blogs I really like. It was also a fun idea to implement as well.

* Posted at 09.12.2005 11:37:51 PM CST | Link *

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