Flagged Links #29

"Halo 3 Fails: Episode 5" - Halo always has some nice FAILs.

"OPF3 – Automatically modify persistent object data after loading" - I never heard of OPF before this link.

"Named Formats Pex Testimonium" - Once again, Pex shows off its awesomeness.

"Decoupling Your Code, By Example" - A good demo of how you can take code that's tightly-coupled and make it looser.

"Mid-January Progress Update on Paint.NET v3.5" - A Paint.NET article is always a good one to read.

"Casting and Type vs. Set theory" - An interesting way to look at casting.

"TDD Firestarter Wrapup" - Good listing of tools for TDD.

"Why Can’t I Drag Silverlight Controls into the Designer?" - There's a good answer.

"How big is a string in .NET?" - The answer isn't as easy as you think.

"What Killed the The Dark Knight Videogame?" - This is an interesting article into the creation (and subsequent destruction) of a video game.

"Building WCF services with F#, Part 1" - Next up, WCF services in language [fill-in-the-blank]. Seriously, interesting article.

"Getting started with CHESS in Visual Studio 2008" and "Getting started with Pex in Visual Studio 2008" - Watch these!

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