Deleting Blog Posts Means Nothing

This morning I saw a post from someone I know, saying that he had deleted a post on his blog for a number of reasons.

Curious, I decided to look back on his blog in my feed reader to see if I had grabbed it earlier.

I did.

In this day and age where search engine will cache pretty much anything and feed readers will do so as well, nothing is deleted. Keep that in mind the next time you press the "Save" button (or "Post" or "Publish" or whatever it says in the blog tool that you use that pushes content on the web). I've learned that if I'm pissed or angry about something, write it locally in a text editor and save it locally - don't post it. Walk away for a bit (or go to sleep) and come back to it later. Chances are, I either won't make it public or I'll modify the content to make it constructive.

* Posted at 06.09.2008 10:04:24 AM CST | Link *

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