Do You Want To Continue With Replace All? Sure!...Wait!!!

If there was one thing I'd love to have an undo feature around, it's the "Find and Replace" window in VS. I know it gives you a cautionary "I can't redo this" last-chance dialog window, but there have been a number of times (like this morning) where I accidentally said "yes" and did minor destruction to the code base. I realize that undo-ing this may be prohibitive for a number of reasons (memory is one of them), but if they could do it, it would be really nice.

Of course, I'm sure with Hayden throwing a minor temper tantrum wasn't helping my concentration levels this morning either. Oh well, I got my code base back in order, but that was time wasted.

Update: I should clarify what I don't like about this feature. Take a look at the dialog window:

You can have VS tell you to open all the files that will get changes so you can do a Ctrl+Z if you select that option. Frankly, why this isn't the default behavior is beyond me, and I'm not sure this option has always been in every version of VS (or the IDEs that predate .NET).

* Posted at 04.02.2006 07:21:44 PM CST | Link *

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