"War of the Worlds"

I'm posting this now because I realized I had a couple of bugs when I did this update so this will be a good test to see if I fixed those as well...

Anyway, Liz and I went to see "War of the Worlds." I know, I've thought about not going, but we decided to enjoy it and hope that Spielberg delivers the goods. Well...let's just say that during the movie I was highly entertained...and then the ending came. If you don't want to know stuff about the movie, stop reading now. Not that there's a ton of spoilers but I don't want to give anything away to those that want to see it.

Still here? OK. Look, why in the hell would aliens plant machines in the earth eons ago, and them come to vaporize all humans in 2005? Or use them to suck their blood and spray it all over the place...or suck the humans up in the ship's orifices. And why do the aliens, who are obviously smart enough to figure out space travel, play with bicycles and pictures like a bunch of curious monkeys? I guess they are dumb because they didn't get their immunization shots as THEY ALL DIE AT THE END DUE TO GETTING A FUCKING COLD. Yep, you read that right. I liked the movie up until the last 10-15 minutes, where you find out the aliens didn't have immunity against the microbes of our world, so they die. Oh, and Tom's son makes to Boston safe and sound; never mind the last time you see him before that he's going over a hill that's covered in fire moments later.

Sorry, but I can't recommend this movie. Yes, the special effects are awesome. I can't believe what Spielberg pulled off. I was stunned. There was a lot of suspense and flat-out terror. The alien machines are loud and menacing. But...when it comes down to it, the movie falls flat on its' face. I would be willing to allow some leeway on the whole buried alien ship thing if the aliens would've kicked out asses in the end, but Spielberg had to go with the "happy" ending, and it really sucks. In my mind, it brings the whole movie to a crashing calamity. Sad, too, because during the movie I was really enjoying myself, and then I left with a feeling of, "What the sam-hell just happened??"

Save your money, folks. It's visually breathtaking and the acting is good (suprisingly so), but the story just doesn't cut it in my book.

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