Right off the bat - NO, NO, NO - Liz and I are NOT getting divorced! Just wanted to make that perfectly clear before I continue on with my post :).

I just saw that Peter is getting divorced. I feel sad for people when their marriage falls apart for whatever reason(s). I have to admit, marriage can be a tough proposition for some, and it does feel like an antiquated concept at times. I'm perfectly happy being with Liz for the rest of my days, but that doesn't mean it's for everyone. In fact, our society should start taking away the idea that marriage is this "end-all" point of relationships. There's lot of people that I know that are happy being in committed relationships without having the "marriage" word over their heads. If people want to make that public (and personal) committment, great - I'm all for that. Other relationships are just as valid in my book, and if we were honest with what relationships can be, we could cut down on divorce (or remove the concept altogether).

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