Use the TimeSpan Format

I was looking through our code base, and I saw this (ugly) configuration setting:

<add key="AuthorizationTicketTimespan" value="0|120|0" />

In this case, the configured value is 2 hours (120 minutes). What's ugly about it is that the developer created their own format string to configure a TimeSpan. Dude, that's so not necessary! TimeSpan has a simple format that's already defined: [-]d.hh:mm:ss.ff. The aforementioned configuration value could be changed to this:

<add key="AuthorizationTicketTimespan" value="02:00:00" />

And then we could use TryParse() on TimeSpan, thereby eliminating "duplicate" code in our code base.

I'd also recommend using this format rather than using an integer value for millisecond values in a configuration value. Using this one format across the board is consistent and easy to use.

* Posted at 07.20.2007 10:13:14 AM CST | Link *

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