Rush in St. Paul

I saw Rush in St. Paul last night, and without a doubt it was an awesome show. Every song felt energetic and alive. The crowd was into it, although there was a bit of a lull in the beginning of the 2nd set. I'm guessing a fair amount of attendees didn't know the material from "Snakes and Arrows", but even then people were pretty much staying in their seats. Rush almost had a train-wreck in "Circumstances". After the quiet bell part they kicked into the odd time-signature part, but somewhere in there somebody got off from the others, and you could see it in Neil's face...that look of "oh-crap-we're-losing-it-gotta-figure-out-how-to-get-back-on-track-real-quick". But they recovered fairly quickly. The drum solo was amazing - the first section where Neil improvises was astounding. Geddy's voice sounded great - I don't know what he's doing these days but he's going for all the high notes and hitting them. Alex sounded really good. Seems like he's given up on the PRSs and going almost exclusively with Les Pauls (although he did haul out the old Gibson 335 on a couple of songs). The video work was great. Even though I had seen bootlegs of the South Park intro to "Tom Sawyer" it was still funny to see in person. The intro to "The Larger Bowl" seemed really out of place, though - I don't get why they had the McKenzie Brothers do something that was trying to be funny to start a song that's farily serious. The intro to the first set was awesome - seeing Neil wake up with Alex is priceless.

There were some idiots in the crowd, though (just so you know I was in section 115, first row, seat 6, just in case you want to figure out where I was). Someone was dragged off by their friends by the 2nd or 3rd song - the guy was either having a seziure or was completely bombed (I'm guessing the latter). Right before the 2nd act started, some guy walked by us and threw up in the aisle. It didn't hit us, but after he stumbled to a garbage can the lights went down so all those people who were coming back to their seats didn't see the spewage (ugh!). Eventually it got cleaned up but I bet some people got some "surprises" on the bottom of their shoes. During the 2nd act, 3 security guys were hauling some asshat away, and his pants were so baggy they fell down to his ankles while they were wrestling with him. I'm amazed that people act like this. Tickets were not cheap, so why would you ruin a chance to see a great band play for 3 hours? Doesn't make sense to me.

All in all it was probably the best Rush show I've ever seen, by far. They're into the 50s yet they still know how to put on a great rock concert.

By the way here's an amazing and fuzzy picture I took from my cell phone camera:

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