Flagged Links #40

"Creating Objects - Round 3" - Now, introducing ... the DLR.

"A new Visual Studio hosted debugging technology based on .NET Reflector" - An intruguing way to use Reflector.

"The Hardest Phrase to Let Go Of: I am Praying for You." - What's the phrase about "actions speak louder than ..."?

"Shuttle and station imaged from the ground!" - Amazing that you can capture that object from the ground.

"7 Awesome Super Powers (Ruined by Science)" - Think running at super-fast speeds is a good thing? Think again!

"The Executive Summit" - Sometimes I wonder if electricians should take over the executive offices.

"Zero Punctuation: Resident Evil 5" - Zero explains why the inventory management doth sucketh much.

"Minimum Inventory, Maximum Diversity" - Or, a cute way to make corporate symbols in Mathematica.

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