Stubbing Methods Using Rhino Mocks in VB9

VB doesn't have multi-line lambdas (this is being fixed/corrected/changed in version 10), which makes it a bit problematic to use with APIs like Rhino Mocks. It's not hard, but for someone like me it took me a while to figure out how to get a stubbed method to do some custom action. So basically this post is here for my own benefit - i.e. in case I have to look it up again :). Hopefully this will be helpful to someone else as well.

Let's say you have an interface that gets and saves DTOs:

Public Interface IPersonRepository
    Function Load(ByVal id As Integer) As PersonTransferObject
    Function Save(ByVal data As PersonTransferObject) As PersonTransferObject
End Interface

Stubbing Load() isn't that hard; it's the Save() that took me some time. Here's what it looks like:

Dim repository = MockRepository.GenerateStub(Of IPersonRepository)()
repository.Stub(Function(e) e.Load(PersonTests.ExpectedId)).Return(data)
repository.Stub(Function(e) e.Save(Arg(Of PersonTransferObject).Is.Anything)).Return( _
    Nothing).WhenCalled(AddressOf Me.DoSave)

Where DoSave() looks like this:

Private Sub DoSave(ByVal invocation As MethodInvocation)
    Dim data = CType(invocation.Arguments(0), PersonTransferObject)
    invocation.ReturnValue = New PersonTransferObject( _
        If(data.Id = 0, PersonTests.NewId, data.Id), ...)
End Sub

The key is to use WhenCalled() and use AddressOf to give it the method that will handle the method under test. In that method, use the MethodInvocation-based argument to get argument values and set the return value.

Hope this helps!

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