Call Extensions in .NET

A couple of days ago, I starting thinking about C#, and 3.5, and extension methods, and missing methods, and....well, I came up with an idea that isn't done yet, but I wanted to post it to see what people think.

Basically, it's the idea that you could do something like this:

int result = this.Call<int>("Add", 1, 2);

Where there would be an extension method defined as follows:

public static class CallExtension
    public static T Call<T>(this object target, string methodName, params object[] arguments)

There would another version for Call() where there is no return type, but you get the picture.

Of course, if the method could not be found, it would be nice to have a "missing method" hook around. One idea would be to have a delegate/event somewhere that you could hook when a method couldn't be found, or add the capabilities to register a method for a specific type, so when Call() can't find the method on the type, it could look for the method somewhere else. Another issue is if you're trying to call a method with ref or out parameters. Right now my Call() implementation (which uses System.Reflection.Type.GetMethod()) just gleans type argument information form the params array. If you're looking up a method that has ref or out arguments, you need to pass that into GetMethod(). Therefore, Call() needs to be overloaded like this:

public static class CallExtension
    public static T Call<T>(this object target, string methodName, Type[] argumentTypes, params object[] arguments)

And now the caller has to do something like this (assume there's another Add() version that has two ref int arguments):

Type[] argumentTypes = new Type[] { typeof(int).MakeByRef(), typeof(int).MakeByRef() };
int result = this.Call<int>("Add", argumentTypes, 1, 2);

Which is kind of ugly. Generally I avoid ref and out arguments if at all possible in my code, but they're valid in .NET so that would have to be supported. The other issue is if you call a method with ref arguments, and the target method changes that argument value, you can't get that value out of the params array back to the least I can't find an easy way to do that.

At this point, I'd almost jump over to JavaScript or IronRuby or some kind of dynamic language, where this stuff is common-place. But as time permits I'm going to pursue this more. I want to see if a DynamicMethod compilation + caching strategy would be quicker than using the Reflection API over and over again. I also want to see what I can come up with to handle missing methods.

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