Officially a Bachelor for a Week

Liz and the kids are now down in Atlanta. The plane was delayed for 3 hours and while Hayden was very excited to fly...once he actually got to the entrace of the plane, I guess he completely flipped out. Liz had to literally drag him down the aisle kicking and screaming (with Ryan in tow), and she had to give Ryan to the woman across the aisle so she could force Hayden down into the seat and buckle him in. So, to anyone who was on flight #3657 from MN to Atlanta yesterday, I apologize for my son's antics. I don't know what switch went off in his head - he seems so interested in getting on the plane. And thanks to the woman that helped Liz out. Being a parent I'm more aware these days when I see a parent alone with two young kids and I'll try to help out when I can.

* Posted at 07.14.2008 07:58:20 AM CST | Link *

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