"Far Cry" Review

OK, I've been over-playing this song all morning. My verdict is...I like it (are you surprised?). The chorus has a great hook to it, but it also has an odd chord in there to keep it interesting and funky. The only letdown is the guitar "solo" section (3:26 to 3:55). It's pretty weak...in fact, it's really weak, and if they would've just dumped that part, the song would be even tighter. Overall, though, this sounds much better that the distorted mix that was "Vapor Trails" (although the songs on that CD are great; the mix just sucks rocks). Neil seems to be pretty fluid and loose, and that's a good thing. I can't wait to hear the whole thing!

* Posted at 03.12.2007 10:34:26 AM CST | Link *

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