Being Fired For Blogging?

Lately I've seen more posts that usual from people saying that they've been fired for their blog, specifically for what they post in it. I can't comment on any of these cases, but I do keep that in the back of my mind now and then. Personally, I don't see Magenic firing me for something I say on my personal site. Generally I try to keep my source of income in a positive light and I don't post "secrets" or "IP" out in the open [1]. If I was blogging on their corporate blog space, I can guarantee you it would be much "cleaner" and it be restricted to technical discussions. I don't know - I guess I don't worry about it because I try my best at watching what I say without stifling my "creativity" (if I can even call it that!). It remains to be seen if "blog-o-firing" becomes more pervasive in the future, although I hope it doesn't as there is value in maintaining a blog and reading other blogs. This would effectively neuter blogs and that would not be beneficial. It would suck if corporate culture tried to slam another informational door to their employees - there's been a lot of cool things that I've learned from other blogs that have directly benefitted the clients I work with, and I feel that it's only "right" to contribute what I can. I guess as long as you don't say something like, "my employer sucks rocks!", you're OK, and if a company wants to fire you, they're probably using the "we're-firing-you-because-of-your-blog" as an excuse to cover up the real reason [2].

[1] It gets a bit tricky when I post examples of code (like all the right-to-left/mirroring stuff of late) that's related to what I'm doing at a client. I try not to divulge secrets and I'm basically doing it because I hope I can solve my client's problems quicker if someone has insight to my problem.

[2] Whether that reason is legitimate or not is another story, but I know from personal experience it's best to move on and let burning bridges smoulder ;).

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