So Long, Tut

Friday we gave up Tut.

It was a hard decision for us. He was such a sweet cat, but he developed some nasty behavioral habits: overeating for one thing, peeing on our bed being another. He did this off and on throughout the years if he didn't get what he wanted, but it was a very rare thing. However, in the last 6 months, it got worse, and it was something we couldn't stop (and it's quite disgusting). The nice thing about this is that our vet decided to adopt him, so we didn't have to put him to sleep. It was sad to see him go, and now Tweak doesn't have a playmate (we'll probably get a kitten soon). But I think it was for the best. He was with us for nearly 10 years and he was key in getting Simon to calm down. Even though it's not a permanent "good-bye", I'll probably never see him again, and that makes me sad.

To Tut: hope you can share your love and happiness with your new owners.

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