Watching the Weather

Wednesday starts our long trek to Wisconsin for the holidays. That's dependent on the weather, of course, and right now our departure date isn't looking great (it's iffy right now, and things could change in a couple of days). If we can't leave on Wednesday, we'll go on Thursday. If Thursday is bad, we go on Friday...although we need to leave by Friday for various reasons. Fortunately I have the next week off as well so we can adjust schedules a bit, although I have to get back by Friday (1/2) as I have my evaluation of my wisdom teeth by the oral surgeon on that day.

I think this will be the last time we go down to WI for the winter holidays for a couple of years. We'll probably go visit in the summers - it's easier to pack for and plan a trip like that when it's warm out. Plus I can bring my golf clubs and get a round in with relatives and/or friends. By 2011 Hayden will be 6 and Ryan will be 5 so it'll probably be easier to manage (i.e. even less to pack).

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