A Night With APress

Last night I went out to dinner with a bunch of people from APress. It was a lot of fun - definitely worth the drive up to Berkeley to see the offices. Speaking of writing...I have a chapter due this Friday that's almost done, but I need to get cracking on it when I'm back at the hotel. Lately, work has been pretty much non-stop, which may sound odd - "what, do I usually sit on my ass all day?". Most of the projects I've been on have had periods of intense work intersperced with general calm. I'm currently in the "web-coding-from-hell" stage. Trying to get the DataGrid to measure up to the UI design specs has been challenging, especially when you're not that great of a UI web programmer guy. It's been educational, that's for sure, and if it wasn't for Google, or, more to the point, individuals who have already done a lot of work in ASP.NET and have published their work, I'd be sunk.

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