I tried to put my comment into this post, but I couldn't tell if it was accepted or not, and I've seen this kind of API style popping up more and more lately, so...my post is born!

The thing about having a public .NET API using underscores is it doesn't fit the recommended coding style. If you're in Eiffel, that's actually what you do - in fact, you use upper-case and underscores (e.g. GET_CUSTOMER). But in .NET, public APIs should be Pascal-cased with no underscores - e.g. GetCustomer. CodeAnalysis rule CA1707 helps enforce this style as well.

I actually like the interface that Jean-Paul came up with. I've seen other "fluent" designs pop up lately, and they all seem to use the underscore approach. The idea is nice...just follow the .NET style.

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