My Tests Are NOT Ignored!

Damnit. I'm not a big fan of MSTest.exe and how it's integrated into VS. Frankly, even in 2008 there's still major deficiencies in the tool/framework/architecture. But by this time, you'd think they'd have the following issue fixed.

I create a [TestClass]. I write some tests. I change it to [TestClass, Ignore] because I have to (very long story). I go back and change it to [TestClass]. I right-click and say "run my effin tests".

Oh, it thinks all of the tests within the class are still ignored. So I have to go into the properties window and unignore every freakin' test in that class. And I can't highlight all of the tests and enable all of them in the property window in one shot - for some reason I can't do this.

That's terrible. I've seen this in 2005, and I'm still seeing it in 2008.

C'mon, Microsoft, FIX THIS.

Thank you.

* Posted at 03.24.2008 10:10:57 AM CST | Link *

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