Wrox is Closing Their Doors

A bunch of bloggers are reporting this - very interesting. I had heard a couple of weeks ago that they laid off a fair amount of staff, and now they're done. I think they started out very well - hell, they gave me my first break (although I always hated the mug shot on the cover). But when they went to the 5 gadzillion-author model, I bailed. Not getting royalties relative to the work I put into the book didn't work for me. In the last two or three years I think their book quality started to suffer because of this. Of course, the technical book industry as a whole has not been doing well for the past two years, and some of Wrox's more recent books were decent (the "Beginning XSLT" book was good). But I avoided their multi-author books because they just weren't that good.

As always, I'm glad that I found a home with Apress. I found Phil's comment interesting. True, some of their books never got updated from the big "Beta 2" stickers, but I don't think Apress has a bleak view of .NET. I think they're being realistic. Again, the writing industry isn't doing as well, plus every publisher on the planet tried to flood the market with .NET books. It got saturated pretty quick, and while I think there are a fair amount of ideas to float around as book ideas, businesses have to be savvy. I think Apress will always play in the .NET space, just as much as they'll have voices in other technologies as well.

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